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TRON redefines ‘shitcoin’ by putting smart toilets on the blockchain

This brings a whole new meaning to 'shitcoin'

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I shit you not! Budding blockchain startup TRON has entered into a strategic partnership with smart toilet supplier Moshroom that culminate in the production of blockchain-powered lavatories.

Ok, there’s obviously more to this story than meets the eye. Blockchain in this instance is used to provide infrastructure for micro-payments – to pay for the use of one of these toilets. Moshroom will provide the toilet, Tron provide the blockchain.

moshroom, tron, cryptocurrency

Joking aside, TRON and Moshroom are addressing some of the most challenging issues for developing socieities. In many developing countries, people do not have easy access to clean and safe places to, err, do their business. The partnership aims to offer that – at a cost.

TRON and Moshroom will be targetting Southeast Asia and India first with this new technology, where useage and payments of the toilets will be supported through the use of blockchain.

While the announcement doesn’t explicitly mention whether the toilet integration will support TRX payments (or any other cryptocurrencies for that matter), the statement does suggest that the intended use case is for micro-transactions.

Moshroom are best known for their eco-friendly portable toilet solutions, which can be deployed anywhere and operate entirely off grid.

One of my conerns is that the time, location, and duration of my – or shall we say people’s – “bathroom moments,” will be recorded, forever, for all to see, on the blockchain.

Let’s hope that unlike its misleading “partnership” with Chinese Netflix clone Baofeng, TRON’s toilet integration is legit.

As people have already said on Twitter: “the shitcoin jokes literally write themselves.”

Published August 9, 2018 — 16:00 UTC