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This cam site makes your sex toys vibrate harder when Bitcoin price soars

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In what could have been a scene from The Wolf of Wall Street, adult webcam site CamSoda is launching a new interactive platform that can get you as excited about cryptocurrency as you are about sex.

BitCast, as the platform is called, makes it possible to pair your interactive sex toys with the performance of leading cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, BTC Ethereum and Litecoin. Once connected, the real-time price of your currency will dictate the intensity of your toys’ vibrations.

The higher the price, the stronger the sensation – and vice versa. So in a way, the more money you make, the more pleasure you get.

Suffice to say, nobody gets excited about blowing their pocket empty, so you can expect weaker vibrations during price dips.

To the misfortune of altcoin holders, BitCast currently supports only Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. For all others, you will have to adjust your toys’ vibration frequency manually, like a second-rate crypto pauper.

To get your toy hooked up to your coin, you will have to download the Body Chat app and connect it to your Lovense account.

For those curious, these are the toys currently compatible with BitCast. But the best part is that it supports both female and male toys:

“What has so many people captivated, aside from the fact that virtual currencies are largely unregulated and fraught with risk, is the daily volatility – the stratospheric price rises followed by meteoric price drops,” said CamSoda VP Daryn Parker. “With people constantly tracking their cryptocurrency investments, we saw an opportunity to offer them simultaneous sexual pleasure derived exclusively from price fluctuations.”

“Now, with BitCast, our fans can hook up their favorite interactive toy and literally get pleasure from their investments,” he continued. “So, essentially, as the price goes up, so too do your orgasms.”

So… who said money can’t make you horny?

Published December 21, 2017 — 15:00 UTC