Get the Best Marketing Automation Solution for your E-commerce Website

Get the Best Marketing Automation Solution for your E-commerce Website

Are you a new internet based startup? Are you looking to convert more organic leads and retain your customers using the simplest options ever such as email, SMS, push and in-app messaging?

For an internet based business, publishers, saas start-ups, and anyone who is demanding value for money, there are so many ideal marketing automation solutions designed to help website based/ e-commerce businesses to find and nurture high-quality leads.

These solutions will improve the conversion rate of your business as well as boost their MRR (monthly recurring revenue) and lifetime value. They are designed in such a way that they will keep capturing your leads from many internet based portals such as these.

•Signup forms
•Subscription forms

When this has been done they will automatically store them in your already segmented lists. One of such ideal software for e-commerce based services is Notif.

Notif is a guaranteed conversion accelerator. That would generate 20X more leads online for any website based business. Its main job is to display all the genuine sign ups in your e-commerce website. It also displays purchases and real-time subscriptions on your website.

When this is done an urge is created for your website visitors to do the same. Another great thing that an internet based software such as Notif will do is to create a Social FOMO that will instantly multiply your lead generation 20 times more.

A Social FOMO is basically a created anxiety within your website visitors that an exciting or interesting event is happening elsewhere. Such excitement is usually aroused by the type of posts seen on social media platforms.

With such anxiety, a business is able to tap over 20 times real time conversions in no time as many leads will be coming towards the already created FOMO. The best thing about using online based software such as Notif is the type of service that your business will enjoy.

Firstly, Notif will provide you with many ideal display options. In fact, you will be able to choose your perfect style especially one that fits with the needs of your website. Additionally, Notif even provides an anonymous template that allows you to keep secret the names of your customers whenever you don’t want to reveal them.

Because you can great tracking script configuration too, such online software will provide you with a script that will automatically start tracking new sign ups, new purchase, and new subscriptions. This saved time.

Additionally, it makes your work easy as every time your e-commerce website gets a new Signup, purchase, or even subscription; a small notification will be displayed on your website in such a way that it won’t have to reveal any confidential contact details.

This is also a great way to boost customer confidence, privacy, and exclusivity. Indeed you can make your website an experience to savor with such modern DIY online based business tools.

Many businesses can triple their sales by just keeping track of their FOMO. It is important, however, that you choose a good marketing automation solution that more specifically caters for Internet-based enterprises such as Notif from Retainly.


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