Google releases Android P Beta 2, including 157 new emoji

Google releases Android P Beta 2, including 157 new emoji

Google released the first public Android P Beta during its I/O conference in May, but we’re already onto Beta 2. It comes with the most important update of all: more emoji.

Google tells us there are 157 new emoji, in fact. Some highlights include red hair so gingers don’t feel left out, a hero emoji that looks a lot like Superman, and a bagel with cream cheese – New Yorkers, rejoice.

Google is also including two new gender-neutral designs ‘Family’ and ‘Couple with Heart.’ This builds on the first gender-neutral emoji introduced last year, and the company says more gender-neutral emoji are on the way.

It also made some updates to existing emoji. Importantly, the bacon actually looks cooked now:

As I’ve been known to say: “it’s not bacon if it’s not crispy.”

Google also says Beta 2 introduces final Android P APIs. As far as we can tell, there aren’t any other consumer-facing features with this update, but we’ll update this post if we find any juicy tidbits.

If you’ve signed up for the Android Beta Program, Beta 2 is rolling out now to Pixel devices through an over-the-air update, or you can sideload it if you’re impatient and tech-saavy. If you’re on one of the non-Pixel devices capable of running the beta, the update should arrive “over the coming weeks.”


Android P Beta 2 and final APIs! on Android Developers Blog

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