Google debuts Suggested Actions for fixing and sharing your photos

Google debuts Suggested Actions for fixing and sharing your photos
Credit: Google

At today’s Google I/O conference, Google announced Suggested Actions. These are AI-driven suggestions in Google Photos which offer to brighten, colorize, fix, or share your photos, based on the what it sees in them.

When you look at a photo in your Google gallery, a suggestion will pop up at the bottom of the screen. If you tap it, the suggested fix will be made instantly.

Some of the options are for basic fixes, such as brightness or rotation. Others are for sharing — for example, if Google identifies a person in your photo, it’ll suggest you share the photo with them. The most interesting and (potentially useful) action Pichai shown was the ability to turn a photograph of a document into a PDF with one click.

Still others offer more in-depth color choices — the “Color Pop” Suggested Action will mute colors around a central figure in the photo, making it stand out more. Another action will allow you to colorize black-and-white photos.

Suggested Actions will be rolling out to Google Photos in the next couple of months.

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