Google’s making it easy to subscribe to your favorite publishers

Google’s making it easy to subscribe to your favorite publishers

Google is today launching Subscribe with Google, a service that lets you suscribe to your favorite news publications… with Google. Go figure.

At first glance, the concept benefits publishers and readers alike. Rather than keeping track of your login information for all the publications you subscribe to, you can simply link the subscription to your Google account.

It also makes it easier to sign up for new subscriptions, as it uses the payment information saved on your Google account – something you’ve probably already put in if you use an Android device. You also won’t have annoying paywalls come up as much when switching devices, as you’ll be logged into your subscription any time you’re logged into your Google account.

That same simplicity benefits publishers, as it makes it more likely that readers with a Google account – a whole lot of them – will actually pay money to read articles. Speaking for myself, I can think of a couple of times I’ve been on the fence about a subscription, but was too lazy to fill out the forms. Subscribe with Google is made for people like me.

Google goes a step further though, by actually highlighting articles from the publishers you subscribe to in search results. You’ll see a new ‘Your Subscriptions’ module showing results from your subscriptions where relevant.

So far, the launch partners include Les Échos, Fairfax Media, Le Figaro, the Financial Times, Gannett, Gatehouse Media, Grupo Globo, The Mainichi, McClatchy, La NaciónThe New York Times, NRC Group, Le Parisien, Reforma, la Republica, The Telegraph, and The Washington Post (yes, I did just copy and paste that list). You can read more about Subscribe with Google at the source link below.

Introducing Subscribe with Google on Google

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