Google’s AirDrop-like Files Go returns to the Play Store

Google’s AirDrop-like Files Go returns to the Play Store

Google quietly released a beta of Files Go, a file management app, to the Play Store a couple of days ago. Then it almost immediately removed it from the store, meaning interested users would have to find the APK from a mirror site.

Well, now it’s back again, and this time it appears to be sticking around.

For those not familiar, aside from simply letting you explore your files, Files Go helps you clear up space by deleting unused apps, duplicate photos , and large files. But it’s main selling point is arguably the AirDrop-like ability to send files to other Android devices without access to Wi-Fi or cellular networks.

That said, the app isn’t a full-fledged file manager. You can’t, for example, access the device’s root folder or even copy and paste files. It’s more concerned with helping you find files and delete them than helping you organize your system. Hopefully Google fleshes out the app with more functionality before a final release, but in the meantime, you can give the beta a go at the source link below.

Via The Verge

Files Go Beta on Google Play Store

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