You can now ask Google Maps questions with new Q&A feature

You can now ask Google Maps questions with new Q&A feature
Credit: Google

Google today announced it was adding a Q&A feature to Google Maps and Search for Android users.

When you look at a Maps page for the business or landmark, you will have the option to see questions others have asked of the business, as well as ask your own. You’ll be notified when someone else — or the owner of the page itself — answers any of your questions.

The questions will be part of the page, so when you find the page on Maps or when you search for it, you’ll see it. You can upvote helpful questions, which will appear further up the page. Business owners can add their own answered questions to preempt other viewers.

I’ll be waiting to see if the same thing will apply to continents — hey, you can review them, so why not ask them questions? If it happens, I’d be curious to know who’d answer for Antarctica.

The feature is now rolling out to Android users globally.

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