Google wants to save you from allergies with new pollen forecasts

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Google wants to save you from the sniffles. Today the internet giant announced that it will soon begin displaying detailed pollen level forecasts straight into Search.

The new feature practically helps users avoid seasonal allergy symptoms by letting them know in advance how high the pollen levels in their area will be.

Once the functionality goes live, you will be able to access this data by searching for the key phrase ‘pollen forecast’ in Search. The integration will then proceed to show you the expected pollen-density levels for the next five days.

Here is how it looks:

To make this happen, the Big G teamed up with The Weather Channel to source reliable reliable data like pollen indices and display this information directly in Search.

What would come in handy to users suffering from pollen allergies is that Google will also offer the feature to send you notifications anytime it expects a high pollen count in your area. This ought to make it easier for you to prepare accordingly.

We tried testing the feature, but it appears the Mountain View heavyweight has yet to roll out the functionality to everyone.

In any case: I’m personally excited about not having to carry around my allergy pills anytime I drag my ass out of the house during pollen season.

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