Google’s AlphaGo AI takes the scalp of the world’s number one Go player

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Google confidently continues its march into the field of artificial intelligence as yesterday its DeepMind-based AlphaGo defeated the world’s number one ranked Go player, Ke Jie.

The game – which was the first out of an extensive matchup scheduled for three parts – took place at The Future of Go Summit in the Chinese town of Wuzhen. The two remaining showdowns are slated to go down later during this week on May 23 and May 25, with experts predicting AlphaGo to further extend its lead.

Though the tricky AI ultimately edged out Jie with its patient but dominant approach to the game, DeepMind CEO Demis Hassabis hailed the human for his daring and often unorthodox plays. The first game ended in a measly half-point difference, which is the closest winning margin possible in Go.

Interestingly, during the post-game press conference Go pundits and aficionados – Hassabis included – took a moment to point out how meticulously Jie had studied some of the tactics AlphaGo employed in its previous contests.

As the DeepMind leader noted on Twitter and in his post-event commentary, early on during the game Jie resorted to several maneuvers AlphaGo pulled off earlier this year, when Google secretly squared the AI off against a slew of professional Go players under the moniker of ‘Master.’

You can watch the full first game in the video section below. The remaining two bouts will be livestreamed on the official The Future of Go Summit page here.

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