Google Photos just made sharing photos a lot easier

Google Photos just made sharing photos a lot easier

Google announced at its I/O event today that it’s making Photos more social with Suggested Sharing and shared libraries.

Suggested Sharing will prompt you to share photos based on the people in them. Photos will have a new Sharing tab, and will send notifications prompting users to share photos. Anil Sabharwal, Vice President of Photos, also showed how the users who receive the shared photos will also be prompted to share related photos of their own based on shared faces or location.

In addition, Google Photos is getting shared libraries, meaning photos from two different phones can be automatically saved to a common photo pool.

With a shared library, you can share photos of specific things or people with another person. Sabharwal demonstrated by showing how photos with his daughters are automatically shared with his wife, while a photo with the I/O audience was not.

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