Google’s new fashion search tool helps you match clothing with outfits

Google could soon very well become your personal stylist, thanks to a new feature called “style ideas” that’s baked directly into search.

Say you like a specific pair of shoes, and want to see what it looks like worn with other clothing. Just search for the shoes, tap on an image, and scroll down to the new style ideas section. There you’ll see the same pair being worn with a variety of outfits for some inspiration. Google says it’s also expanded the “similar items” section if you want to look at other options.

It’s a neat new addition that should save you some time looking for fashion ideas, but I’d actually like to see it work the other way around too: It would be cool if we could identify all the clothing items someone is wearing by plugging it into reverse image search. Maybe next time, Google?

Now Image Search can jump-start your search for style on Google

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