Google upgrades AI to flag propaganda videos

Google upgrades AI to flag propaganda videos

Google is soothing its agitated advertisers with more powerful AI tools.

The search giant came under fire recently when top brands claimed ads were appearing on YouTube propaganda vids. Understandably not wanting to fund extremism, even inadvertently, several of the companies pulled their ads.

Google is now ramping up the power of its AI to combat this. According to Bloomberg, the company is now using an upgraded form of machine learning to flag five times as much objectionable content as usual in the last two weeks.

YouTube’s vast video library makes it difficult to catch everything, at least for humans. It’s inevitable that some of the work will be delegated to AI algorithms.

Google’s Chief Business Officer, Philipp Schindler, told Bloomberg that human eyes contributed to the flagging, but that they couldn’t do everything. “The problem cannot be solved by humans and it shouldn’t be solved by humans.”

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