Google Maps can now save your parking spot

Google Maps can now save your parking spot

Update (April 26): The new option to save your parking location is now live on Android and iOS. It works the same on both platforms, except that if your iPhone is connected to your car using USB audio or bluetooth, your parking spot will be automatically added to the map when you disconnect and exit the vehicle.

Google Maps just added a small but useful update: It can now save where you parked.

As first spotted by Ars Technica, the latest Android app version (9.49) shows a new “save your parking location” option when you tap on your blue location dot. Tap on this and Google will save your rough location (you can enter the exact location too), and give you the option to write notes, add photos, or even set a timer. That last option is particularly useful if you’re parked at a meter and need to make sure to leave or refill it before you get a ticket.

The parking notification will remain in maps until you dismiss it by pressing “clear” and you can also share the parking location if you need to rendezvous with someone. It’s a pretty thorough implementation for a small new feature.

The only problem is that the feature is pretty obscure; I didn’t even know I could tap on the blue dot until I read the Ars Technica piece. It would be nice if Google placed the option in the side menu or somewhere a bit more visible. I also see no reason why you couldn’t just add a parking spot to a dropped pin anywhere on the map instead of just your current location (although, again, you can modify the location after you’ve saved the spot).

Still, it’s a welcome feature for people who actually drive. No word on when the feature will come to iOS, but we imagine it’s only a matter of time.

Google Maps adds a sweet new parking spot saver on Ars Technica

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