You can now buy stuff with Google Home

You can now buy stuff with Google Home

Starting today, you can shop using the Google Assistant on Google Home from retailers who support Google Express, including places like Costco, Whole Foods, and Walgreens.

You can say stuff like “Ok Google, how do I shop?” or “Ok Google, order toilet paper” when you’re sitting on the pooper and realize you’re about to run out.

To set it up, you’ll have to go into the Google Home app’s settings and tap on “Payments” to make sure your credit card and address info are all in order.

It was only a matter of time; Amazon has allowed you to do this through its own Alexa voice assistant since July. Google doesn’t have a huge cohesive marketplace like Amazon, but on the other hand, accepting orders from a much wider swath of retailers could offer customers greater variety.

Google says it plans on enabling purchasing for “other apps and services” in the coming months. No word on if the feature will arrive for the Google Assistant on other devices.

Start shopping with the Google Assistant on Google Home on Google

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