Google adds trivia facts to search results, because why not?

Google adds trivia facts to search results, because why not?

A while back we noticed Google tested providing fun facts on a few animals. Well, now the company is preparing to roll this out in a more official fashion. Starting today, searching for things like plants, fruits, veggies and the aforementioned animals will provide a bit of trivia fun.

Just from Google’s press release, I’ve learned:

  • Ancient Greeks considered Violet a symbol of love and fertility, and an essential ingredient for love potions.
  • The black widow spider’s venom is 15 times stronger than a rattlesnake’s.
  • Dogs apparently have three eyelids.

Important information to keep in mind should I ever need to craft a love potion or be bitten by multiple venomous critters.

The feature is rolling out to search today. And of course, there’s more to learn about some things than a single blurb, so you can just refresh your search to pull out another random fact.

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