Much improved Google Sites now available to all G Suite users

Google’s redesigned ‘Sites’ tool for creating web pages is now available for everyone.

If you’re not familiar, Google Sites isn’t meant to be used to create personal sites, a la Squarespace or Wix, so much as building a shared resource for a company or team.

The redesigned Sites first launched in an early adopter program back in June, bringing various updates to make it easier to make your own site.

Mainly, Google says creating a site is as easy as making a Doc file, with the ability to add text and images with copy-and-paste, or rearrange them with a drag and drop. In other words, the way you’d expect things to work in 2016.


Then there’s the tighter integration with G Suite, including schedules from Google Calendar, locations from Maps, content from Docs, and more. Embedded documents, update live, even as you’re working on those very documents.

Responsive design means the themes scale to any screen size, and you can preview what your site will look like on various screen sizes. And like Google Docs, you can now have multiple people working on a site at the same time.

While Google seems to be keeping the classic sites around for a while, G Suite users can get started with the new Sites now if the tool is enabled for their team. Otherwise, admins can set it up by going here.

A totally rebuilt Sites, customer-tested and open for business on Google Blog

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