New Google Flights alerts make sure you don’t pay sky high ticket prices

New Google Flights alerts make sure you don’t pay sky high ticket prices

Everyone seems to have a different idea of how far in advance you should book flights and hotels, but the latest update to Google Flights wants to make sure you don’t get caught by a sudden price hike.

The app will show you when flights prices are most likely to increase for the “specific flights and routes you’re interested in.” Once you pick a flight, Google will let you know when the fare is expected to expire and your expected savings by booking now.


You’ll also be able to save the trips you’re researching on the Flights mobile app, so you don’t waste any time re-entering your destination and flight dates.

The update also adds some tips for specific trips, including recommendations for alternate airports and dates, based on historic price jumps. In one example, Google tells you that flights are 90 percent likely to increase 7 days before departure. You can sign up to receive notifications via email as well.

Meanwhile for hotels, Google will now let you filters hotels by those that are unusually underpriced, and notify you of any savings if you’re a hotel loyalty member.

The updates are rolling out to Google Flights users over the coming weeks.

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