Google built an adorable Maps game that’s not Pokemon Go

Google (via Niantic) has already proven how fun Maps can be with Pokemon Go, but now it’s trying focusing on another adorable creature instead.

The Maps team just released a game featuring a 500-foot tall Yeti named Verne who explores the Himalayas. It’s meant to be educational, so players will learn fun facts about the region as they hike and fly around the region.

You also get to chase around something called an argali:


And your best friend is a Yak:

Verne Google Maps Himalayas

I mean, what’s not to love?

The game is, of course, built using Google Maps’ 3D imagery, which is running on top the Unity Game Engine. Given the title is ‘Verne: The Himalayas,’ I wouldn’t be surprised if Verne shows up in other regions eventually too.

You can download the game for Android now and waste the rest of your day hiking Mount Everest becoming an expert on the Himalayas. Sorry team Apple, no word on when this will arrive on iOS.

An experiment built with 3D Google Maps imagery, inspired by kids on Google Maps blog

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