Android N’s name is officially Nougat

Google has finally revealed the name for its next version of Android: Nougat. Sighs.

That’s certainly less exciting than Nutella, which pretty much everyone wanted. Heck, I would’ve even taken ‘New York Cheesecake,’ which is the internal codename Google used for the OS.

But at least it’s also better than some user-chosen names (Android ‘Nipples’) so I guess we’ll take it. Realistically speaking, Nutella probably would have involved some licensing woes, though they managed to do it for Kit Kat.

In an interesting note, the company used Snapchat as one of the platforms to reveal the name for the first time.


Earlier in the day, the company had shown off the various statues representing the all the dessert-named versions of Android, before the uncovering the new statue for Android Nougat in a short video story.

It also showcased some of other the names that had considered, though it didn’t reveal if Nougat was one of the top choice in its pick-a-name user contest.

Anyway, that settles that. Now we just wait until Nougat is actually released sometime this fall.

Google on Twitter

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