Google just combined Chrome, YouTube, and Search into a single messaging app called Spaces

Google just combined Chrome, YouTube, and Search into a single messaging app called Spaces

With Google+ dying a slow death, Google has been looking for other ways to help users share content online. Its latest attempt is a new standalone app for group discussions on specific topics called Spaces.

It’s simple enough: you create a ‘Space’ dedicated to a particular interest, and then invite your friends to discuss. That wouldn’t be anything special, except that YouTube, Chrome and Google Search are built right into the app; it means you don’t have to endlessly switch between apps to find and view shared content.


Moreover, it’s also something of a chat app; there’s a conversation view to keep you up to date on what your friends are discussing. Again, it makes sure you never have to leave the Spaces app to keep the conversation flowing.


Google foresees the app being used for things like book clubs, study groups, discussing TV shows, or planning weekend trips. It’s somewhat reminiscent of Pinterest, but with a specific focus on small group conversations and activities.

You can invitee people to join a space through your messaging platform of choice, as well as email or social media. There’s also a search feature built in so you can easily find older shared posts with a tiring out your thumb with scrolling.


Google seems to be placing a renewed emphasis on conversations within its apps. It recently began rolling out an in-app chat service for YouTube, and added commenting to Google Photos albums.

Currently the Spaces official website says the product will be “live shortly,” but you shouldn’t have to wait long. Google says the app is rolling out today to Android, iOS, desktop and the mobile Web “for all Gmail accounts.”

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