Virtual Reality now has a home in the Google Store

Virtual Reality now has a home in the Google Store

The Google Store is now selling VR headsets, with three models to choose from. You can pick up Cardboard from Google, the View-Master from Mattel or a travel-ready model from Goggle.

All three sit under a new heading in the Google Store dedicated to VR, so it’s likely the segment will grow. Though Google highlights VR apps, it doesn’t offer a link to any you can check out.

The Cardboard is retailing for $15 (or $25 for two), while the View-Master will run you $29.99. It’s a bit more substantial and plastic, though, so may be worth the spend if you’re serious about VR.

The Tech C1-Glass VR Viewer from Goggle (not Google) is $14.99, but clips onto your phone without offering any peripheral shielding. It folds up, which is why it’s positioned as a good travel companion.

Pretty slim pickings for VR enthusiasts, but a step in the right direction from Google. Not only is it serving as an official home for Google’s VR ambitions, it is also the first time the company is selling Cardboard directly via its store.

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