Google now lets you save image search results to your account

Google now lets you save image search results to your account
Credit: Ben Woods / TNW

If you find yourself using Google Image Search frequently and would like a way to quickly save your results while on mobile, then Christmas just came early for you.

Google Chrome (or Safari) on mobiles now lets you do exactly this – tapping a star below the image search result to save it in your own page at There’s no use tapping that from your desktop or laptop browser though, it won’t work.

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It’s also worth keeping in mind that the ‘Star’ option only appears below images if you search on, rather than any of the other geographically specific domains, like


Once you’ve added a few images, it asks you if you want to apply a tag to all of the recently imported links, making it easy to keep things organized.

And if you’re worried about on-device space being taken up, fear not, the images aren’t saved on your phone – it’s more a collection of live links in a central repository.

➤ Save Google’s Image Search Results [Google Blog]

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