Google Calendar is down, consider all your meetings screwed [Updated]

Google Calendar is down, consider all your meetings screwed [Updated]

Today is November 4. According to the fake holiday gods, it’s also National Stress Awareness Day, for which Google is either taking part or playing a cruel practical joke on because Google Calendar is down.

I'll take "We're fucked" for $400, Alex.
I’ll take “We’re fucked” for $400, Alex.

The down time started around 11 AM ET due to “server errors.” Users who visit Google Calendar will be met with about a handful of ways to say “Yep, your meeting is screwed” in various languages.

If you do manage to access your calendar, however, you’ll likely be met with an empty one – which is simultaneously relieving and frightening.

google calendar blank

The good thing is a better part of the US is enjoying unseasonably warm weather, so let’s take a moment to go for a walk, and check here for incoming status updates.

Update 12:25 PM ET: A little more than an hour after the disruption, Google has updated its status to say service is being intermittently restored. So if you booked a meeting after lunch, you’re not off the hook just yet!

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