Google wants to help you choose your Halloween costume this year

Google wants to help you choose your Halloween costume this year

If the thought of setting out on Halloween all dressed up in a costume only to find that everyone on your block had the same idea, then Google Frightgeist is the site you want to check out before you settle on your outfit.

The page taps Google’s Trends data to show you the relative popularity of different outfits depending on your location – provided you live in the US – based on the 500 most popular searches.


So, if you’re in Washington DC, for example, then don’t go out wearing a Batman outfit unless you want to let out a blood-curdling scream of embarrassment.

The most popular character/costume across the US is Harley Quinn, with Star Wars outfits following in second place.


Weirdly, while zombies are popular horror characters, it seems most people don’t want to dress up like one – it’s the 461st most popular in the list, meaning it only just made it on at all.

➤ Frightgeist with Google [via Engadget]

What will you be dressing up as this year? Oh, yeah, Harley Quinn, we knew that already.

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