Google Inbox now auto-suggests a reminder when it sees you emailing yourself


Ever send yourself an email just so you don’t forget to do something later? Google’s caught on, so its Inbox app will now suggest you set a reminder instead.

Anytime you input your own email into the recipient box on the app, A little pop up will appear asking you whether you’d rather set a reminder via the app instead.

Personally, I would usually email myself to quickly access a file on another device before becoming privy to services like Pushbullet or using cloud options for larger files. It’s a pretty common scenario, so it would be nice to see Google suggest you upload a file to drive as well when you try to attach something.

In any case, it’s a small but useful addition, and a good way to let Inbox users know how to better take advantage of the app’s features.

Inbox App Now Offers To Create A Reminder When You Try To Email Yourself [Android Police]

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