‘Fear and Loathing…’ seen through Google’s Deep Dream will haunt your nightmares

Google’s Deep Dream neural network does crazy things with images that are pushed through it. Now, imagine what it could do with the nightmarish drug trips from ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas’

Imagine no more! The video above shows you what it can produce in horrifying detail.


Deep Dream feeds images through its artificial neurons, enhancing features as it goes. That leads to highly distorted and morphed visions. They’re particularly trippy when you throw Hunter S Thompson drug carnage into the mix.

The Deep Dream code is publicly available and Roelof Pieters aka Graphific on GitHub has provided instructions on how to apply it to video. He’s the guy responsible for the reimagined ‘Fear and Loathing…’ that’s now scorched onto your mind’s eye. 


You’ll also find a really good repository of information and tips on how to use Deep Dream over at roiling mass of angry complaining and occasionally useful stuff called Reddit.

Deep Dream Video [GitHub via Gizmodo]

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