Google is ripping out Chrome’s awful new bookmark manager

Google is ripping out Chrome’s awful new bookmark manager

Late last year, Google launched a new bookmark manager for Chrome but the overhaul wasn’t that popular with users.

After months of silence, Google has quietly confirmed that it’s ripping out the new bookmark manager and rolling back to the old one.

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 10.39.49 AM
The ill-fated overhaul of Chrome’s bookmark manager

When Google launched the new bookmark manager complaints started quickly flowing in on the Google Product Forums that it was confusing and hard to use.

Despite the u-turn, the company said that “the team will continue to explore other ways to improve the bookmarks experience” and those that “enjoyed the new experience” can keep it for now by installing this extension.

To get the old version of the bookmark manager, simply check your browser is up to date by clicking the hamburger menu (the one with three horizontal lines on the top right of your window), then “About Google Chrome.”

An update about the new bookmarks manager [Google Product Forums]

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