New job posting at Google points to the revival of Glass

New job posting at Google points to the revival of Glass

It looks like Google Glass may be making a comeback sometime soon.

Business Insider reports that a brand new Google job listing indicates not only the company’s continued efforts on behalf of the internet connected glasses, but that it may even be approaching production.

The hint? The Glass team is seeking an Advanced Technology Manufacturing Engineer, FATP (final assembly, test and pack) with responsibility for engineering in process development and mechanical fixture designs, expertise in design for manufacturability (DFM) and the ability to work with the ‘Quality and Reliability team’ for shipping.

Additional qualifications include experience in launching consumer products and a strong manufacturing background in scaling new products.

Google halted sales of Glass in January with vague references to a “strategy reset” under Nest chief Tony Fadell.

Since then, there have been scattered reports that a new version of Google Glass in conjunction with Luxottica, owners of Ray-Ban and other eyewear brands. Luxottica was quoted in the Wall Street Journal as saying that Glass 2.0 is “in preparation”  and suggested that Google is pondering a more “radical change” for version 3.0.

That fits in with a previous BI report that the Glass team is extending its mission into “smart eyewear and other related products.”

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