The fastest-growing category of YouTube video blogs? Sneaker hauls

The fastest-growing category of YouTube video blogs? Sneaker hauls

We all know what it’s like to be stuck in a YouTube loop – you know, that moment when you meant to watch one video, but end up watching the entire back catalog of content related to whatever it was you came to see in the first place.

Today Google released some interesting tidbits about its most popular video blog content, so if you’re looking to be the next YouTube star, listen up.

In its latest research, Google says searches for “how to” on YouTube have grown 70 percent year over year. More than 100 million hours of content in the category has been watched this year in North America alone.

‘Home improvements’ is one of the biggest subsets of the How To category, with queries like ‘how to unclog a toilet,’ ‘how to remove wallpaper’ and ‘how to fix a leaky faucet’ leading to tutorials.

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Another popular category is “Beauty,” which comes as no surprise as beauty and fashion blogging continues to trend with young audiences in their late teens to mid-30s. Google says beauty ‘how to’ video viewership has grown 24 percent year over year.

‘Haul’ videos are a related sub-genre, in which people share their latest purchases after visiting a store. Specifically, people who share their latest sneaker pickups are becoming the most popular on YouTube, with a viewership growth of 72 percent year over year.

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Google says it sees consumers’ mobile search and viewing behaviors leading to more actionable purchases, so don’t be surprised if sneaker sales and obsession continue to explode over the next year.

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