This Chrome extension stopped the browser killing my computer

This Chrome extension stopped the browser killing my computer

Last week, my colleague Owen wrote a compelling piece on why he’s breaking up with Chrome, but while I understood his reasons, I wasn’t quite ready to split. That’s why I was delighted to discover The Great Suspender.

The Chrome extension solves one of the biggest complaints about the browser – that it gobbles up memory, forcing your machine to slow to a crawl and sending the fans into overdrive.

It does that in a really simple way: Suspending tabs that you’re not using until you return to them and reactivate the process.

Screenshot 2015-05-18 08.47.37

You can whitelist commonly used sites to make sure they never get suspended, and there’s lots of granular control (e.g. you can select how long before tabs are frozen and automatically reactivate tabs when you return to them.)

If you’ve found Chrome regularly cripples your computer, but are addicted to its features and extensibility, The Great Suspender is seriously worth considering.

The Great Suspender [Chrome Web Store]

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