Google advertisers will soon know if you watched or skipped their video ads


Google unveiled viewability reporting for its video ad platforms today at CES today. It enables advertisers to tell whether clips delivered via the company’s Google’s DoubleClick ad services are watched by users, reports Bloomberg.

Neal Mohan, vice president of display and video advertising at Google, announced that this new tool will help marketers accurately measure the success of their campaigns and fine-tune them for better results.

With viewability reporting, brands will know if their video ads “were actually seen or not (as opposed to, for example, appearing off-screen, going unwatched or being swiped past).”

Google says that viewability reporting will become available to all marketers and publishers using DoubleClick platforms, as well as for the DoubleClick Ad Exchange. It will also roll out this feature for reserved inventory on YouTube across desktop and app views.

The company also plans to sell viewable video impressions across the Google Display Network, as well as audibility for video ads later this year. It makes sense for Google to push forward in this direction, given that it’s also looking to have more users watch YouTube in their living rooms with Android TV-enabled devices and might soon have a lot more viewing data to work with.

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