Google Now starts showing some UK users what to watch on TV tonight

Google Now starts showing some UK users what to watch on TV tonight

Google Now’s hitherto US-only ‘TV cards’ feature has quietly rolled out to some UK users.

Android Police first reported the development last week, and our own Martin Bryant started seeing recommendations for currently showing and on-demand TV shows last night.

Working on both iOS and Android, the feature supports UK TV channels and video-on-demand services, although US offerings like HBO GO are also listed. Martin couldn’t get it to accept his postcode in order to show relevant live TV recommendations, however, this feature seemed to work regardless.


Interestingly, Martin appears to have been recommended the latest episode of hospital drama Casualty because he recently searched for information about a really old sitcom called ‘You Rang M’Lord?’ Martin assures us that he has no real interest in either show, but reports that last night’s Doctor Who was “fun, if not as good as last week’s.”

It’s odd to see LoveFilm on the list, given that the Amazon-owned service was rebranded as Prime Instant Video earlier this year.

Google Now TV Cards

The feature is listed by Google as only in available in the US at time of writing, so it’s interesting to see it pop up in the UK too, which may indicate a wider rollout is on the cards (pun intended).

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