Google sets up a community site to help improve Google Translate

Google sets up a community site to help improve Google Translate

Google today launched a new community site to help improve Google Translate, its free online language translation service.

Aimed at language connoisseurs and professional translators, it can be used to rate and compare existing translations, as well as create new ones and match words to their correct counterparts. Over time, Google said it will give contributors more ways to pitch in and offer better “visibility” regarding how the submissions are being used to improve its translation tools.

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“We will also localize Community pages to support your preferred display language,” Google added in a blog post.

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The new Community site follows a similar feature inside Google Translate that gives users the ability to submit their own corrections. As Google Operating System spotted in April, it’s just a matter of hitting the ‘improve this translation’ button underneath the right-hand passage. “We plan to incorporate your corrections and over time learn your language a little better,” Google said.

Google Translate Community [via Blog Post]

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