Google is now removing search results following EU ‘right to be forgotten’ ruling

Google is now removing search results following EU ‘right to be forgotten’ ruling

Google has started removing ‘outdated’ entries from its search results under Europe’s recently introduced ‘right to be forgotten’ law.

We knew the move was coming – last month Google launched an online form so people could lodge their removal requests with ease – but we weren’t sure exactly when it would begin removing the results. Nonetheless, according to The Wall Street Journal today, the search giant has already started the process of removal. TNW has independently confirmed that this is the case.

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In addition, a spokesperson for Google told TNW:

This week, we’re starting to take action on the removals requests that we’ve received. This is a new process for us. Each request has to be assessed individually and we’re working as quickly as possible to get through the queue. We’ll continue to work with data protection authorities and others as we implement this ruling.

Google previously said it will balance requests to remove outdated information against whether the information is actually in the public interest – like if it’s involving professional mispractice or financial scams. It’s still unclear whether results are being removed from as well as EU-specific versions of the service.

 Google Starts Removing Search Results Under Europe’s ‘Right to be Forgotten’ [The Wall Street Journal]

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