Android Wear SDK available to download for developers from today

Android Wear SDK available to download for developers from today

Google has announced that the software development kit (SDK) which will allow developers to integrate Google’s Android Wear platform with their own devices and apps will be available to download from later today.

First announced back in March, Android Wear is Google’s custom platform for smartwatches and it has already seen pledges of support from device makers such as LGMotorola and Samsung.


During the event, Google demonstrated a Pinterest app which could notify users via a smartwatch when they’re near a restaurant featured in one of their Pins.

Another demo included the Allthecooks’ app automatically displaying an entire recipe on a smartwatch when opened in the app. As the user moves through each step in the recipe on their wrist, the phone automatically updates too, to ensure it’s all kept in sync.

Before today’s confirmation of the SDK’s arrival, keen early adopters had to make do with the developer preview, which only offered limited APIs. Now, however, third-party developers will have all the tools they need to start making apps for the new devices.

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Featured Image Credit –  GEORGES GOBET/AFP/Getty Images

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