Google+ Pages with 1,000+ followers can now create +Post ads, promote Hangouts on Air and automatic posts

Google+ Pages with 1,000+ followers can now create +Post ads, promote Hangouts on Air and automatic posts ...

Google today expanded its test of +Post ads, a new type of monetization for its social network that lets brands turn Google+ content into display ads. At the same time, Google is piloting two new features: promoted Hangouts on Air and automatic post promotion.

The new advertising format is now available to all advertisers who meet the following requirements:

  • They have a Google+ page with at least 1,000 followers.
  • They are using a post that contains content relevant to their audience.
  • They have opted in to shared endorsements for Google+ pages.

As for the two new features, Google says they are meant to help marketers “create compelling ad experiences and make it easier to extend the reach of [their] social content.” Promoting a Hangout on Air to a +Post ad lets users take specific actions: RSVP prior to the Hangout, watch the broadcast live, and view a recording after the event. Automatic post promotion meanwhile means advertisers can promote their most recent Google+ post and pay only when users engage with their content.


Google first launched +Post ads in December 2013, but only for a select number of advertisers. The company says additional advertisers would get it “over the next few months,” and that push is starting now.

The company pitches +Post ads as a brand-friendly format because they allow companies to convert a piece of their public Google+ content into a display ad that can run across over 2 million sites in the Google Display Network. The content in question can be a basic status update, but can also include photos, videos, Hangouts, and now even Hangouts on Air.

In short, Google has figured out a way to make advertisers happy while still keeping users satisfied too. Brands get another way to promote their Google+ content and Google+ users don’t have to see ads, at least not on the social network.

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