Anyone can now apply to buy Google Glass in the US, but only for 24 hours

Anyone can now apply to buy Google Glass in the US, but only for 24 hours

That’s right folks, for one day only, consumers in the US are getting the chance to hand over $1,500 in exchange for a pair of Google Glass eyewear.

It’s the first time that the smart glasses have ever been put on general sale; until now, only developers or people with a good reason to test out the tech had been able to apply for the privilege of being a part of the early adopter Google Glass Explorer program, and they still had to hand over that $1,500. For this slightly more general sale, that purchase price includes a free prescription frame or sunglasses shade as part of the deal, but you’ll still need to apply, you just don’t need a good reason any more. That said, spots are limited.

It’s an important first step for Google in bringing the device to a wider audience. While there has been plenty of excitement, and controversy, around Google Glass up until now, the gadget has never been offered directly to end-users without having to jump through hoops. This may well only be a one day sale today, but with Google previously having said to expect Google Glass to go on general release before the end of 2014, it might not be too much longer until they’re freely available to buy – in the US at least.

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