HP Chromebook 11 returns to the Google Play store in the US

HP Chromebook 11 returns to the Google Play store in the US

HP’s Chromebook 11 is now back in stock for US customers in the Google Play store, following a two-month period where it was taken down over reports of faulty and overheating chargers.

Google and HP halted all sales of the device on November 13, and told customers to stop using the charger that came bundled with the Chromebook 11. “Google has received nine reports of chargers overheating and melting during use,” the US Consumer Product Safety Commission said last month. “There is one report of a small burn to a consumer and one report of minor property damage to a pillow from an overheating charger.”

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HP’s Chromebook 11 is now back in stock and shipping in one to two business days in all color configurations, except for the white and blue variant. We expect the Chrome-OS powered laptop will be sold again in other regions shortly – in the UK, the device is already being shown again on the home page of the Google Play store and listed on its product page as “coming soon”.

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HP Chromebook 11 (Via The Verge)

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