Auto Awesome Movies for Google+ secretly edits your best videos into a slick, customizable highlight reel

Auto Awesome Movies for Google+ secretly edits your best videos into a slick, customizable highlight ...

Google’s media-enhancing ‘Auto Awesome‘ tool on Google+ now supports video files. With no input whatsoever, the feature will take your recorded clips and create new videos with automated transitions, music and effects.

Called ‘Auto Awesome Movies’, this new piece of technological wizardry will instantly stabilize your shots, choose the best or most important parts of your footage and create an all-new highlight reel that’s been cut in-time with some free music from Google.

As you swipe across the screen on a touchscreen device, Google+ will create different cuts based on different moods, musical genres and editing styles. It’s also possible to jump into a timeline mode and see exactly which changes Google has made – from here, you can make additional edits and effectively fix any editing issues that may have slipped through by mistake.

Check out the promo video below to get a feel for how it all works:

Earlier this year, Google introduced Auto Awesome as a photo-editing feature on Google+ which creates unique, enhanced images based on your existing snaps. The tool can create short animations from burst mode photography, HDR imagery from multiple exposures and panoramas from overlapping landscape photos. It’s neat, but also entirely optional if you aren’t happy with the results.

Google+ is already pretty popular with professional photographers, but this latest update for video files suggests Google is targeting the same group of users currently posting Vines and Instagram videos too.

Awareness will be a key issue though. Will the average Android user know that this feature even exists? Hopefully Google will find a way to promote and market these features alongside the much-anticipated Nexus 5.

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