Is this Google’s upcoming Nexus 5 caught on video?

Is this Google’s upcoming Nexus 5 caught on video?

Hot on the heels of leaked photos of what is apparently the soon-to-launch Nexus 5, the next Google flagship smartphone looks to have been caught on video.

First spotted by the folks at Android Police, this purported Nexus 5 hands-on video from is seven minutes long and includes the clearest look at the phone and its hardware to date.

The device is running ‘Key Lime Pie,’ which was the original code name for ‘KitKat,’ the controversially named next flavor of Google’s Android operating system.

That would make sense because, although Google announced KitKat (Android 4.4) in September, it is still to provide a launch date for the software — bringing it to a new device would certainly give it momentum out of the gate. Google has been rumored to be planning a launch event this month, at which the Nexus 5 — which is the presumed name of its next phone — is tipped to be unveiled.

This is all speculation for now, but, with two leaks emerging this week, the pieces of the puzzle are seemingly coming together.

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