Noticing issues with Google Reader today? You’re not the only one

Noticing issues with Google Reader today? You’re not the only one

If you’ve scrolled through your RSS feeds in Google Reader feeds today, only to notice that feeds are disappearing and read posts appearing again and being marked as unread — you’re not the only one. Google Reader is suffering serious technical issues and Google engineers are said to be looking into the issue.

Descending on Google’s Product Forums, frustrated Google Reader users have flooded the service’s discussion board, conveniently named “Something is broken,” to share their experiences. The most common complaints include read posts showing as unread, disappearing subscriptions, and inflated unread counts.

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The issue doesn’t appear to be limited to a specific platform, or to users in specific countries. Reports suggest the issue is affecting accounts across Europe and in both North and South America.

Matti Meikäläinen, a customer care representative on Google’s Reader Forum, says that the “Google Reader team has been notified and someone will be looking into this.”

We have also contacted the company for comment on what may be causing the issue.

Image Credit: vsmithuk/Flickr

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