Google revamps Apps support site with documentation, training, and self-help resources

Google revamps Apps support site with documentation, training, and self-help resources

Google announced on Thursday it is expanding its Google Apps help site to include more than just details about its 24/7 phone support. The site now also offers documentation, training, and self-help resources so employees can find everything they need when using Google Apps at work.

As Google puts it, you can visit the site “whether you need to set up a new app, troubleshoot a calendar issue, train your users, or talk to a support rep.” Here’s what the new support homepage looks like:


As you can see, on the top blue bar there’s a “Using your apps” section, which redirects you to Google says it features helpful information tailored specifically for using Google Apps in the workplace, including guides on switching from your old email program to Gmail, calendar tips for administrative assistants, steps for setting up mobile access or a shared inbox, and so on.

Aside from all the support stuff, there’s also a “What’s new?” section at, which shows a schedule of new Google Apps feature and product launches. This is essentially a calendar that features important updates as well as tips and training resources for rolling these changes out.

In fact, yesterday includes an entry for “Google+ for Google Apps: Labels” which we covered last night. A week from now is a reminder for an upcoming change to Google Drive’s export formats, which we also covered when it was first announced. The rest of the calendar is just filled with monthly webinars, though I’m sure more entries will be added soon enough.

As a company that grew up online, Google has always struggled with providing solid support. In areas where it can normally get away with consumers, it really can’t do the same with businesses – a critical issue that Microsoft likes point out on a regular basis.

This site is certainly a step forward in the right direction. It’s arguably not as important as 24/7 phone support, but it is definitely a welcome improvement as sometimes it’s easier to figure everything out yourself, provided you have the right tools to do so.

Image credit: Martyn E. Jones

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