Google creates Clarity for the enterprise, enables companies to connect with local experts for help

Google creates Clarity for the enterprise, enables companies to connect with local experts for help

Google is working on ways to get more businesses to use its enterprise products. Whether you’re a small business or a large business, you might be using one of the many apps on Google’s platform to help with productivity. But what if you have a question about an app or a specific solution and you don’t know who to turn to for advice? Today, the search engine giant has unveiled a new way for you to find local specialists to help you out.

Google’s Enterprise Partner Search enables businesses to do a search for what problem they may have, click to view more information about the reseller, and call them for one-on-one consulting. The company has over 6,000 Google App Resellers in its database that can assist any number of businesses and can troubleshoot or give advice on a wide range of things, like setting up, user training, email migration, management services, and even support.

This new service is quite similar to another product that we’ve heard about, Clarity, except Google’s play is for the enterprise. The point is that it connects you with an expert and you can have the dedicated consultation to help make life a little easier — oh and this is specific to Google Apps (Clarity is practically all things entrepreneurial and related to startups).

When you go to the Enterprise Partner Search page, you will find a Google Map of your location and a drop-down menu where you can choose what you’re having trouble with, like whether you’re deciding if Google Apps is the right choice for you, getting help setting up, technical support, and more.

Once you’ve done your search, you can pick from a variety of partners within Google’s database. Find the right one you want to talk to and click on the partner’s name and you’ll get details about the specific reseller.

Google Enterprise Partner Search

If you’re satisfied with the details of the reseller, click on the “Contact” button and you’ll go ahead and send the reseller your information — phone numbers don’t have to be listed, but to help make it convenient to contact and list out your issue, Google has a contact form to allow you to explain why you’re reaching out.

The announcement doesn’t list any price for engaging these resellers for advice, but it would seem that it would be between you and the reseller. Google’s Enterprise Partner Search is just connecting the two together.

Photo credit: KIMIHIRO HOSHINO/AFP/Getty Images

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