Magisto integrates Google Drive support, automatically edits your videos directly from the cloud

Magisto integrates Google Drive support, automatically edits your videos directly from the cloud

Removing the requirement for users to upload their video files to its servers first, Israeli video editing service Magisto has become one of Google’s latest partners to integrate Google Drive support, allowing its users to store their files in the cloud and edit them immediately with no fuss.

By syncing files to Google Drive, Magisto users are able to eliminate the headache of locating and editing videos on multiple computers, combining them in the cloud to access them on-the-go and import even the largest HD video in a matter seconds.

Then, the service analyses the footage that you upload to it,  finding what it thinks are the ‘best bits’. It cuts them together automatically for you, and then it’s just a case of adding some music to act as a soundtrack and the video is yours to share.

Magisto has integrated Google Drive imports into its web app and its YouTube Create application, which takes videos already upload to the video sharing site and ‘magically’ creates a “beautifully edited and produced movies, perfect for sharing.”

Google Drive’s collaborative features provide the unique opportunity for Magisto users to edit and share videos located on different accounts, combining separate videos of the same event to create a unique Magisto movie. There’s also a new Chrome extension launching today, bringing Magistio’s web app with Google’s popular multi-platform browser.

When movies are published, Magisto’s Facebook Timeline app can position them in a dedicated Timeline section, which is added near the top of a user’s Timeline. This ensures videos are not pushed down the page when new updates are shared.

Magisto says that it is working on enabling a new feature that will enable users to download their movies back to their Google Drive account. However, this will be limited to Premium accounts.

While integration is limited to its web and YouTube apps, Magisto is looking to offer the same features in its iOS and Android apps in the near future.

[Image Credit: williambrawley]

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