It looks like gift cards and wish lists are finally coming to Google Play

It looks like gift cards and wish lists are finally coming to Google Play

Google looks like it is getting ready to introduce gift cards for its Google Play app store, giving new present ideas for anyone who knows an Android device owner. Wish lists are also on the horizon.

The speculation comes after Android Police discovered the hints from decoding the latest Google Play apk update. Added to that evidence is a new link — — which is currently parked on the site albeit unavailable for now.

A couple of enterprising individuals have since taken the information and formulated screenshots. Mathias Tillman compiled a hacked apk, while Shen Ye developed it into the following images.

Apple already offers gifting through both iTunes and the App Store, having added the latter option back in 2010. In fact, even RIM — maker of BlackBerry, the former smartphone champ — offers gifting, and users can purchase apps as gifts for friends and loved ones via its BBM messaging service.

There’s no immediate confirmation of whether and when the feature will come. We’ve reached out to Google for further details.

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