Google+ integration arrives for Blogger, with more new features on the way

Google+ integration arrives for Blogger, with more new features on the way

Google’s integration with its own products has become slightly deeper again today with the introduction of Google+ sharing through the Blogger dashboard.

It makes sense to streamline the process of sharing for bloggers who distribute their posts on the Google network.

According to a post on the Blogger Buzz blog, those who are not already on the network can click the “Google+” tab in the Blogger dashboard and then the “Upgrade” button. If you’re already using Google+, there are options to help associate a blog with the corresponding profile or page.

Those who blog under their own name are likely to be already connected and the latest move means that brands, businesses and organisations can also join in.

Letting other Google+ friends and followers see new material seems to be fairly simple. According to the post, “Each time you post on your blog, we’ll show you a Google+ share box to let you notify followers that you have new blog content.”

Naturally this leads to options for others on the network to throw you a +1 or reshare in the usual way.

In April the Blogger service added two Google+ gadgets, the +1 button and Google+ Badge. Unlike the +1 button, that appears below a blog post, this gadget is blog-specific. So users can add it to their blog so that others can endorse it or share it with their own friends.

Blogger fans can rejoice in new toys to come as Google has hinted that this integration is the start of more changes. “We’ll be introducing more settings on this tab in the future, so stay tuned for additional ways to get more out of Blogger with Google+.”

It’s interesting to see the way that Google interweaves its services. To make sharing on its own networks is a no-brainer, but hopefully it will also see more in the way of outward looking share options for bloggers to distribute their work more widely.

Image Credit: Carlos Luna

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