10 Downing Street on Google Street View. Check out the UK Prime Minister’s front door

10 Downing Street on Google Street View. Check out the UK Prime Minister’s front door

The Google Maps and Earth team has finally managed to get past security and add a walk-through of Downing Street where users can take a look at the home of the British Prime Minister and the Chancellor of the Exchequer.

In a post of the team’s blog by Razia Ahamed, Geo Partnerships Manager, the iconic door can be seen and naturally the street can be further explored through the maps.

Although David Cameron and George Osborne are not evidently at home, history buffs and anglophiles will no doubt be pleased to see the place where the people who have taken on these roles traditionally live.

The White House is already on the map as well as a closer look through its offices and chambers on Google Art.

A cute addition to the home of the officials is a shot of Larry, Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office. Larry the cat has held the role since February last year and can be seen somewhat fuzzily to the left of the door of Number 10.

Google Street View was not immediately adopted by the UK government. It’s not so surprising that former Prime Minister Tony Blair’s town house was long missing from the maps and that it took time for Number 10 Downing Street to appear too with security hoops to jump through in order to get this far.

That said, when political news is on the move, the door to Number 10 can be seen on the evening news around the world.

With the appearance of Larry and a few other furry inhabitants making appearances on Downing Street, it seems that when getting close to government, it’s better to have four legs than two.

Image Credit: S Pakhrin

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