Google+ recommendations across the Web are rolling out to all users today

Google+ recommendations across the Web are rolling out to all users today

Everyone is familiar with Google’s +1 button now, but there hasn’t been a proper way for those recommendations to be fed back to site owners to display to other users in a way that makes them useful. A few weeks ago, the Google+ team announced that recommendations across the Web would be rolling out to all users, and today is the day.

Here’s what Google said then:

Working on +1, we often hear people say they want to see more of what their friends recommend. Likewise, when we talk to site owners, they ask us to help them show more relevant content to their users. Today, we are rolling out a new feature of the +1 button in platform preview: when users hover over a +1 button, they will see recommendations for other great content on your site.

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The feature is out of preview and site owners can start expecting all of their visitors to see recommended content, whether they’re logged into Google+ or not.

All site owners have to do is install the +1 button, and recommendations for content on their site only will start showing up. This is very similar to other plugins, such as the Facebook one you see on The Next Web today.

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