If you’re a Google Apps admin, you will now have access to a “Gmail log search”

If you’re a Google Apps admin, you will now have access to a “Gmail log search”

If you’re a business, non-profit or educational institution, administrating all of the accounts can be a bear, I can imagine.

A new tool from Google Apps, called Gmail log search, will allow administrators peek into the inbound and outbound email traffic happening from their domain. Before you freak out though, it doesn’t search within contents of email, but includes the following details:

– Basic message information like Sender, Recipient, Subject, Date and Message-ID
– Attachment size
– Total transit time
– Delivery status

The suggested use for something like this is if you’d like to track whether an incoming message was marked as spam, or which users on your domain sent or received a specific message. Again, this has nothing to do with the actual contents of the email, it’s all about watching the health of your traffic and communication.

It’s a pretty nifty idea, one that the Enterprise team said many of its administrators asked for, and considering how much data you have to pour through to find details like this, it’s a powerful tool at that.

Google says that access to this tool should roll out for all domains within the next couple of weeks. Right now Google Apps for Business, Educators and Government are tops on the list. You’ll be able to find it in your Apps control panel.

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